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Meal Planning

Do you find yourself aimlessly browsing the supermarket aisles wondering what to make that night? Or are you making the same meals over and over but wanting to try something different? Perhaps you have a list of dislikes or allergies and find it difficult to decide on a menu? 

We all want to create healthy meals for ourselves, our family and friends that are delicious and nutritious... but this takes time and effort. I can help to make meal planning and supermarket shopping a less stressful process!

Just complete the following survey so I can find out your likes, dislikes, priorities and cooking habits. 

From here, I can:

- create a monthly/2 monthly/3 monthly/4 monthly meal planner (including catering to requirements such as fructose, gluten and lactose allergies) which you can reuse throughout the year

- include shopping lists *

- provide the choice of summer or winter menus

- help you set up online food shopping

- help you set up your fridge, pantry and/or kitchen for more efficient shopping and cooking 

- provide tips on ways to save money with food shopping

Just complete the survey and you are on your way to a healthier and more Organised You in the kitchen!


Monthly meal plan  - $34.95

2 month meal plan - $49.95

3 month meal plan - $69.95

4 month meal plan  - $79.95