Declutter Challenge - The Organised You

DAY 5: Dealing with all the 'stuff'

If you haven't seen my linen closet declutter video yet, be sure to watch it on Challenge Day 4 first. You'll be able to see just how much stuff I had stowed away in one cupboard (#crazy!) and how I went through the process of decluttering it. 

Now because this closet had been driving me mad for at least the last 3 months, I knew I needed to get rid of A LOT during the decluttering session. There was just too much that we never used, that we didn't need, that was taking up precious storage space. I knew I needed to be ruthless with what would be kept in this space.

As I went through it all, I put the things that I wanted to donate or return onto our hallway stairs so they were completely out of the way of the decluttering happening in the home office.


At the end of the decluttering process, I went through this pile and bagged almost all of it up (only a few items went back into the closet!). Most of the items were good-enough quality for donation, while others (i.e. the car seat, kids' suitcase, pool toy) were passed onto friends. 


The garbage bag of rubbish went straight in the bin (thankfully there wasn't too much), and there was another bag for 'return' to our beach house.


I put all of these bags in the front and back passenger seat of our car at the end of the decluttering session, and took them straight to the donation bin the following morning.

The garbage went straight in the bin, and the 'return' bag went in the boot because we were heading to the beach the next week. So great to have a newly-decluttered space, and all that stuff dealt with!

What will you do with all the 'stuff' you're not keeping? Report into the Facebook Group to show us everything you're getting rid of, and how you plan on doing this. Will it be donation, recycle, selling? Let us know!

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