Declutter Challenge - The Organised You

DAY 4: Time to get stuck in!

Today's video shows you the step-by-step process I followed in order to declutter and organise our hallway linen closet. This was a bigger job than I initially anticipated, and took me about an hour. 

This session included:

  • preparing and clearing the space where I would lay everything out (our home office)
  • preparing cleaning supplies - dusting cloths, cleaning spray, vacuum, garbage bags
  • removing every single item from the cupboard
  • sorting it into 'like' categories and spreading categories out on the home office floor
  • going through every item one-by-one to see whether we still used and needed it - getting rid of as much as possible
  • creating new categories to be put back into the cupboard
  • repurposing existing storage solutions, as well as other storage items from around the house, to hold all items (i.e. wire baskets from my son's old closet, large zipped box previously used to hold outdoor cushions etc)
  • putting everything back into the closet in a more organised way by referring to my inspiration pictures

Although it took longer than I initially planned for, I was proud of how decisive I was throughout the process, and the space already feels amazing. It just needs a few finishing touches... which I'll show you over the next 2 days!

Here's a look at how I got through the actual decluttering process. Stay tuned for the complete 'after' reveal!

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