Declutter challenge - The Organised You

DAY 3: Your plan of attack


Here's a look at my 3 goals for how I want our linen closet to look and feel.

My Goals:

1 | Feel less cluttered - there is too much stuff currently in there that rarely/if ever gets used. I want the closet to only hold things that we genuinely use and need.

2 | Better storage solutions that provide us with easier access - the current storage is either not suitable, not holding up well, or makes things difficult to get to. The right storage solutions need to provide easy accessibility to the things we use regularly.

3 | Look and feel neat, clean and organised 

My Inspiration:

I looked through my Linen Closet Organisation board on Pinterest to find the following inspiration pictures and ideas.

1 | I like these wide wire baskets for storing larger/bulkier items - they would work better than our current fabric boxes which are misshapen and cannot hold large quantities or bulkier things (i.e. towels)

2 | These small canvas baskets are a good option for smaller or lightweight collections of items. Plus they keep everything contained, which makes it easy to find the right spot to put things away

3 | The best way to store doonas and quilts is folded/rolled!

via Forever Organised

via Forever Organised

4 | Labels are essential for showing myself and family members (particularly my husband!) where everything belongs and will help to ensure our linen closet remains organised and easy to maintain going forward.

5 | I need to declutter our gift wrap station so that everything is easy to find and actually retrieve, like this one!

What's your inspiration for your own space? Hop over to my Pinterest board and see what you can find, or do a quick Google search for some inspiration. Feel free to post your pics in our Home Balance group, or let us know which elements of the inspiration pictures you'll be using for your own space!

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