Declutter Challenge - The Organised You

DAY 2:  Choose your space...
and show it off!


When it came to choosing the space I personally wanted to declutter for this challenge, I considered what would make the greatest impact on my life, in terms of reducing stress and clutter, saving time, and making things quick and easy to find and access.

And while there’s nothing I love more than a good organising session (!!), the zone that has been bothering me for months, that I knew I needed to get sorted, was our linen closet.

My Reasons:
While reasonably organised, many of the storage systems I originally set up in the cupboard were not working effectively anymore.

Things were starting to pile up on the floor due to a lack of shelf storage space. I was using fabric storage boxes to store different items, but in many cases, they weren't big or sturdy enough and were completely losing their shape. And the biggest issue was that we couldn't easily find or access the things we needed, which was starting to bother us in terms of wasted time and effort.

The benefits of getting this space sorted:
Easier access to the things we use regularly, increased storage space, less clutter, getting rid of things we no longer use or need... and a generally nice, calm feeling every time I open the doors to retrieve something!

While this is a linen closet, it technically doesn't hold a lot of linens. I store most of our linens in the actual room they belong in. Each bedroom has two sets of sheets, one on the bed and a backup set. Our linen closet is a bit more of a free-for-all storage space, storing things like extra towels & doonas, swimming gear, suitcases and bags, gift wrapping supplies, Christmas decorations etc.

So, in keeping things #real, here are some 'before' photos of our linen closet. Enjoy! ;)

Declutter challenge - disorganised linen closet

The fabric boxes are not holding up with bulkier items, and some don't actually fit on the shelves properly.

Declutter challenge - disorganised linen closet

This pile of old frames in the corner is out of hand! Most of these are pretty tatty and need a good sorting through.

Declutter challenge - disorganised linen closet

Things are starting to pile up on the floor as the closet is lacking storage space. 

Declutter challenge - disorganised linen closet

So much so that things were starting to pile up in the corner of the hallway! Definitely in need of a good declutter and reorganise.

Declutter challenge - disorganised linen closet

So, are you feeling ready to choose your area? Write down your choice in your workbook, along with the reasons why you chose it, and the benefits of getting this space sorted. Let us know what you chose our Home Balance group… and if you’re feeling brave, share your ‘before’ photos too!

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