Declutter Challenge The Organised You

DAY 1: What are your barriers?


I always like to think about what is preventing me from getting started when it comes to decluttering a certain space, and then do my best to think of ways to overcome these barriers.

Sometimes my solutions work, sometimes they don’t. But the point of this exercise for me, is to acknowledge and be proactive about trying to overcome the challenges, so that they're less likely to trip me up when I'm in the middle of an organising project!

Here’s a look at my personal barriers, and the solutions I came up with...

Barriers & Solutions:

Barrier 1 - Having the kids around when I want/need to do some decluttering

I don’t want to be always organising and decluttering when the kids are at home with me, because I would much prefer to be having quality family time. But also, having the kids at home when I’m trying to tackle a bigger decluttering project means they can get in the way, or I’m distracted, pulled away or I lose focus with what I’m doing.

Solution/s - For bigger decluttering projects, ask someone to look after the kids for a few hours OR pop on a movie (this is ok!), OR set up a fun activity for them that doesn’t require my help.

Barrier 2 - Lack of energy

I start my day at a pretty early hour (5.30) and although I enjoy having that quiet time to myself in the morning, my energy levels are not always up for a big project later in the day.  And I am particularly tired and lacklustre by the end of the week!

Solution/s - The start of the week - when I’ve had the chance to rest over the weekend - is when my energy levels are at their highest, so choosing to tackle decluttering or organising on a Monday or Tuesday will suit me best... plus I'll be able to get through it more quickly!

Barrier 3 - Lack of time

Like everyone these days, my life is very busy. With 2 young kids, school & kinder runs, work, running a business and the household, my time feels precious and often limited.

Solution/s - Aim to get as much decluttering done in 15-30 minute bursts. Set a timer and try to get through as much as possible in this time... Racing to beat the clock will also encourage me to make quicker decisions about what I'm getting rid of. I need to remember that it’s not necessary to do all of my organising at once! Home [and life] organisation is about making projects small and rewards immediate, so that hours are not being spent on any given task.

Pop into our Facebook community, and share your own barriers and solutions (and ask for help if you need it!). This is a judgement-free zone, so let’s help each other get motivated to get moving!

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