How to store puzzles {Quick Tip}

I've been on a toy and craft organising rampage lately, so I thought I'd share my last toy-related post... for now! This one is a quick tip for organising puzzles and games.

I store all the kids' puzzles in one of the drawers of our TV unit, as they need to be stored flat. The other drawer holds our collection of nappies and cameras - odd combination, I know!

Here is the kids' puzzle collection, mainly flat wooden boards and peg puzzles. Those without boards are in clear zip wallets or bags.

One puzzle set came in a large box with the pieces of the 2 different puzzles all jumbled. The box took up a lot of room, so I sorted the pieces into ziplocks, cut the main picture out so the kids have a reference to what they are making, and gave the bags a quick label using duct tape.

This shape puzzle was a favourite of both kids, and I often took it with me when we went to other people's houses.

To prevent losing any pieces, I hot-glued a pouch with a velcro closure onto the back of the board. The pieces fit neatly inside the pouch and we've managed not to lose any pieces in 3 years - not a bad effort :)

Here is the drawer of the TV unit with the puzzles inside. The bottom layer...

Top layer...

And everything in! There's a lot packed in here, but it's fairly easy to slide a puzzle out without dislodging the pieces of the others.

The kids can access everything in the drawer which always makes play-time easier! We are not at the board game stage yet, but am hoping to have some new storage solutions in place by that stage....#renotime! Did you see that window seat I posted on Insta the other day? Something like this would be the perfect spot for housing games. Nothing like thinking ahead!

How do you store your kids' puzzles and games?
If you're at the board-game stage, what are your
storage solutions for them?