Client Space: Meal Planning

About 4 months ago I was contacted by Kelly, who wanted help getting organised with her meal planning. The arrival of her new baby daughter 6 months earlier had brought to the forefront the need to be organised with her meal planning, especially as her baby was starting to eat more solid foods and requiring a substantial meal in the evening. Here's a look at the meal plan I came up with for this busy family.

** UPDATE: I am not offering the meal planning service at this time. 

Kelly had never done meal planning before, so while it was easy before the baby arrived to pop into the supermarket whenever she needed something, it was now becoming more difficult to keep doing this each day. Kelly had tried looking in magazines to follow the free meal plans they provide, but found they didn't cater to all of the family's likes and dislikes.

Kelly contacted me for assistance in planning healthy and easy meals. She chose the 8-week cycle with dinners planned for 4 nights of each week. The great thing about The Organised You Meal Planner is that all you need to do is fill out a survey, which only takes about 5 minutes to complete. There is no requirement to meet up or have an in-person consultation (unless you really want to!), as everything I need to help you plan your meals is available through your survey answers.

When Kelly had completed the survey, I was able to ascertain her likes, dislikes, the types of foods the family liked to eat, and her confidence/ability level in the kitchen. Her main priorities for the family's dinners were for it to be healthy and quick to make. The couple wanted a plan that incorporated chicken, fish, vegetarian, and pasta, but they did not have an oven so everything had to be microwave or stove-top based.

The survey also asks detailed questions about types of meals the client likes within each category. For example:

The answers to these questions gave me a good indication of what type of dishes I could include in the meal plan. I found a range of healthy and easy meals that suited Kelly and her family's needs and likes. She did not want to cook separate meals for her daughter, so the recipes I suggested were all adaptable for feeding a baby e.g. risotto, stew, pasta.

All the recipes I suggested were linked online via or other sites, so Kelly could click on the link or print out hard copies of the recipes if she preferred to have them on hand. An example of meal plans for 2 weeks is below (the recipes with * could be cooked as double quantities and put in the freezer for leftovers, or given to the baby if another meal wasn't suitable, or be used for another night's meal):

I checked back in with the couple a month ago to see how they were going, and the feedback was fantastic. Her partner's commented that 'it has been a relationship saver' as they no longer had to run to the store each night and wander aimlessly, trying to work out what to have for dinner! Kelly was feeling relieved as she knew what she was going to be making each night so she could be prepared with the baby's meals and organising the shopping.

UPDATE: I am not offering the meal planning service at this time.